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OLS Tubs - Orwig's Livestock Feed Supplements


Think about what using supplement tubs comes down to...


It comes down to having better livestock that make more money. We are here to make every bite of feed that an animal takes be 25-30% more valuable to them. OLS Tubs are highly concentrated vitamin and mineral packs, with high Vitamin A, E, and D content. This high concentration means that small intake yields big results, making it a very cost effective system.


The OLS customer can feed their livestock the absolute best ingredients at a controlled cost per head, per day. It is our promise that we always use the best ingredients, always on the lookout for anything better, always improving. This is how we can guarantee excellence and superiority in our products. OLS tubs work, they’re cost effective, and they are controlled by the customer.


That is why we are “Simply the Best.”

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 These formulations, of course, vary nutritionally according to what is actually needed to compliment the forage available in each area. They contain different percentages of all natural, easily digestible plant proteins products (location is FCI Certified), vitamins A, B, D, E, and minerals. Some formulations contain chelated minerals, Zinc Methionine and Amaferm. These ingredients all work hand-in-hand to create healthier, more vigorous, better-looking, faster growing and more reproductive livestock. Cattle formulations are predominantly produced, but formulations for horses, sheep, goats, elk, deer, bison & bear have also been produced. In addition, several sizes are made available: 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 125, 200 and 250 pound. Many choices of containers are also offered including; returnable, stackable, non-returnable plastic containers, recyclable feed pans, prefabricated buckets, fiber boxes, HDPE barrels etc.


Wyoming Feed Supplements

Mike Helvey - Ranch Owner/Operator, Sheridan Wyoming


"We started using OLS Tubs about a year and a half ago. This fall of 2016, our first time heifers had 100% breedup. Our calves were 25 pounds heavier than last year and momma cows looked amazing at weaning with a 95% breedback, which is the best breedback we’ve had since I’ve owned the place. We’ve doctored 1 calf all year with 0% death loss and even our crippled cow seems to be doing great.


All our stock is bright-eyed, feeling great and producing better results than years before and we controlled our cost per head per day to $0.18 on average. We are very impressed with the OLS product and their customer service. We definitely recommend OLS Supplements!!"


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OLS Tubs - Orwig's Livestock Feed Supplements

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