Think about what it really comes down to…

It comes down to having better livestock that make more money. We are here to make everything that your animals eat be 25-30% more valuable to them.  They are highly concentrated vitamin and mineral packs, with high Vitamin A, E, and D content. This high concentration means that small intake yields big results, making it a very cost effective system.

The OLS customer can have their animals on the absolute best ingredients at a controlled cost per head, per day. It is our promise that we always use the best ingredients, always on the lookout for anything better, always improving. This is how we can guarantee excellence and superiority in our products.  OLS tubs work, they’re cost effective, and they are controlled by the consumer. That is why we are…

Simply the Best.”

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What are Ranchers saying about OLS Tubs?

Jessie Harrington

Buffalo WY

I started feeding OLS Tubs to my horses just two months ago.  Hard fall work on the ranch and an extra cold winter left my horses thin and dull looking. A friend recommended OLS Tubs so I started them on the #1 Supple Licks Extreme, ( my locale co-op carries)my horses are gaining weight and look better already and there gaining weight along there topline not just a fat belly.  A 250 pound tub lasted 5-7 horse almost two months. And even the picky eaters love it. I'm very happy with this product and will be switching to the #17 Equine Athlete, being I'm only feeding to horses, and would like to try something more specific to horses.  This product is wonderful and affordable and I'm excited to see continued results.  Thank you



“ Your company stands by its products – we had a soft tub an it was replaced. The OLS #9 Bovine Breeder worked very good, had less open cows last year – this spring calves were very healthy! (Drought last year) Some tubs the cows seem to back off of and not lick this time of the year. We had excessive rain in June and the tubs seemed to saturate bad but the cows just licked it off.” Lonnie - ND

Jason Despiegelaere

Bruxelles, Manitoba - 2017

The OLS tubs have been a big success on our farm.  Our cows stay in great shape, get re-bred on time and bring home healthy calves with good weaning weights and slick hair coats.

Jason Despiegelaere - Bruxelles, Manitoba - 2017

Maybell, CO


You can tell a lot from what you see in your cattle's eyes. We have been using the OLS mineral tubs since November 2016.  Our cattle are bright eyed.  Calving season is upon us, looking forward to the benefits of using the OLS tubs.  Truly appreciate our dealer, Kacey Lyons.

Camblin Livestock

Maybell, CO - 2017

TOP-OF-THE-LINE Ingredients and Additives from the TOP companies in the industry

Working with companies like Alltech, Pancosma and many more, OLS ensures your herd gets maximum benefits at controlled cost.  The key to a healthy herd, top performance and weight gain is a healthy digestive and immune system so key nutrients can be absorbed properly and infections don’t even have a chance.  We are very proud to offer these top-of-the-line additives which can be added into any OLS, TNT or Custom lick tubs.

Amaferm, Bio-Mos, Lacto-Mos, B-Traxim Chelates, Availa-4 Chelates, Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Oxy-Gen and Altosid IGR are all proven top name-brand additives that can add crucial bennefits to your herd and savings in your wallet.

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