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Orwig's Cattle & Livestock Feed Supplements & Mineral


"Simply The Best" low moisture molasses lick tubs on the market made from the best all natural protein and chelated mineral packages on the market for maximum results!  All natural livestock supplements with probiotics, prebiotics, chelates and more!

No Antibiotics cattle and livestock feed tubs
All Natural cattle and livestock supplements
hormone free cattle supplements
Amaferm prebiotics
Lacto-Mos livestock probiotics cattle feed supplements
livestock chelated trace minerals  chelates


Build Your Own


All-natural programs as low as $0.18 per head per day!


Cattle Lick Tubs


TNT cattle lick tubs contain a great source of all-natural protein with high energy and basic minerals.  Some contain Amaferm, Bio-Mos and Diatomaceous Earth (DE).  Any  additive can be added to these great cost effective lick tubs.

Livestock Cattle Protein Lick Tubs Canada cattle supplements

"Simply The Best"


Super Concentrated, low moisture molasses lick tubs jam-packed with nutrients so you have less consumption, and low cost per head per day while feeding the best products on the market.  Comes with All-Natural protein, Amaferm, Lacto-Mos, chelated trace minerals, and more!

Natural cattle livestock feed tubs Cattle livestock feed supplements

Custom (Toll Mill) Tubs


Custom Tubs are available at a 6 ton minimum order.  Contact us today for a direct quote!  Have your own custom tag with your company name!




Custom Tub Form


TOP-OF-THE-LINE Ingredients and additives



The key to a healthy herd, top performance and weight gain is a healthy digestive and immune system so key nutrients can be absorbed properly and infections don't even have a chance.


We are very proud to offer these top-of-the-line additives which can be added into any OLS, TNT or Custom lick tubs.


Amaferm, Bio-Mos, Lacto-Mos, Zinpro Performance Chelated Trace Minerals, Availa-4 Chelates, Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Oxy-Gen and Altosid IGR are all proven top name-brand additives that add can add crucial bennefits to your herd and your wallet..

Oxy-Gen for livestock Availa®4
IGR Fly Control


For your herd and your wallet.


Low Cost per head per day

Made from the very best products on the market

Healthier, bright-eyed stock

Makes forage 15-30% more digestible

All-natural programs

Stronger heat signs and stronger breed-back

Free forage sampling

No chemical hardeners

Better milk production

Heavier weaning weights

Chelated trace minerals

Biotin & extra B vitamins

Guaranteed consumption rates

Low Cost Per Head Per Day, BIG Results

The very best low moisture molasses lick tub bulk manufacturing company.  Specially formulated tubs to give your herd maximum results at low cost per head per day!  We are proud to offer state-of-the-art ingredients in our low moisture molasses lick tubs.

World Professional Chuckwagon Association

OLS TUBS is the presenting sponsor of "Behind the Barns".  Behind the Barns is a 3 minute driver interview feature that takes place nightly from behind the barns and airs during the Pre Race Show.   The first broadcast will start at 7:15pm on Wednesday May 25th live from the Grande Prairie Stompede


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Orwig's Livestock Feed Supplements

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