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Bio-Mos Feed Additive



Glycomics, the study of sugars and their structures, represents the future of animal health and performance, making genomics (the study and application of DNA) look like childsplay. Researchers have clearly shown that the structure (form) of the sugar impacts the role (function) in health applications.


Alltech foreshadowed Glycomics with the creation of this product. For over 12 years this product has been revolutionizing animal diets worldwide and is supported by over 300 research trials (university, practical, peer reviewed), a solid market presence, quality assurance and technically sound expertise.


What is Bio-Mos®?


Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity is essential for animal performance  and 'feeds the GI tract'  thus playing a critical role in animal nutrition and production.  Adding this amazing product to our cattle & livestock supplement tubs more than pays for itself.



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