Water soluble (will break down in warm water) chelated source of trace mineral that has been proven to be more digestible
than organic, inorganic, sulfated, or chelated amino acid complex minerals. In all OLS Feed Supplements.

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B-traxim – Brochure – Livestock Feed Additive

Minerals are essential for most metabolic processes; therefore, even
a subclinical deficiency may cause reduced animal performance and
well-being. Supplementation with inorganic sources is known to be
inefficient, due to antagonisms, competition and interaction with
feed components. Organically bound mineral sources can improve
bioavailability by preventing some of the negative interactions.
B-TRAXIM® 2C is a range of minerals bound to glycine, or glycinates.
These premium organic trace minerals were developed for optimal
The UNIQUE AND PATENTED production process makes them optimal
to be used in premix and feed.

• Homogenous particle size of 200-300μm
• Dustless (particle size > 100μm)
• Perfectly free-flowing
• Neutral odour and taste
• Highly concentrated

The patented formulation and proven chemical structure give
the B-TRAXIM® 2C products high stability and therefore increased
bioavailability, compared to inorganic sources. The stability of the
B-TRAXIM® 2C products in powder, water, premixes, feed, at different
pH and in the presence of known antagonists, has been highlighted in
several publications.


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