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Calf & Cattle Supplements

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OLS Tubs - Cattle & Livestock Feed Supplements & Mineral

Think about what using OLS Feed comes down to...


It comes down to having better animals that make more money. We are here to make everything that your animals eat be 25-30% more valuable to them. OLS Tubs are highly concentrated supplements, with high Vitamin A, E, and D content. This high concentration means that small intake yields big results, making it a very cost effective system.


The OLS customer can feed their animals the absolute best ingredients at a controlled cost per head, per day. It is our promise that we always use the best supplements, always on the lookout for anything better, always improving. This is how we can guarantee excellence and superiority in our products.  OLS tubs work, they’re cost effective, and they are controlled by the customer.


That is why we are “Simply the Best.”

OLS Tubs - Orwig's Cattle & Livestock Feed Supplements & Mineral

Frequently Asked Questions


Becoming a Dealer - Contact us with your Name, phone number, shipping address, and any other information you would like to share.


Special Orders or Custom Tubs - We can make any custom tub and get you a fast quote.  6 ton minimum order.


Probiotics – Live bacteria and yeast that are good for livestock health, especially digestive and gut health.  Carried in all OLS Products.


Prebiotics – Induce the growth and activity of microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi, therefore helping the bacteria to be more effective in increasing digestibility.  Carried in all OLS Products.


Lacto-Mos – A 4 strain Probiotic mixture with Bio-Mos, made by Alltech.  Alltech is one of the leaders in animal probiotics and prebiotics nutrition. - Carried in all OLS Products.


Bio-Mos – An extremely well-researched prebiotic, made by Alltech. It is likely to be the most popular yeast on the market today. Bio-Mos is known to be the only prebiotic that has been able to be mentioned in Alltech’s literature, which says, “Bio-Mos has been proven through trials to be effective on E.coli and salmonella where pharmaceuticals have failed.” Bio-Mos is tremendous on gut health and builds a very strong immune system.


Amaferm – Made by Biozyme, Inc., Amaferm is the most researched fermentation extract on the market. It’s an all-natural, direct-fed microbial that easily beats its competitors in potency, consistency, and quality. It simply helps to optimize forage

usage by increasing bacterial or fungal activity numbers in the rumen, while adding enzymes that are good for the rumen’s fermentation process.  Carried in all OLS Products.


Oxy-Gen – Made by Meal & More, Oxy-Gen essentially makes animals breathe better. It has been proven to increase the amount of oxygen absorbed in the blood through the lungs by 10-15%. This increases the performance of the heart and blood vessel system, helps to increase strength, muscle growth, endurance, and vigor, and aids in faster recovery times. Oxy-Gen is very beneficial to help maximize genetic potential.


Zinc-Methionine Complex – Made by Zinpro, this product works great in stressful conditions, helps immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof health, muscle development, milk production, and semen quality.  In all OLS Products


B Vitamins – B vitamins are known primarily for milk production; however, they are essential for rumen bacteria to aid in pH balance for better digestion. B vitamin resources are one of the most researched areas in rumen and equine health in the last 10 years. OLS adds 9 different B vitamins to our products: Thiamine, Biotin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, B12, and Choline.  In all OLS Products.


Chelates – Amino acid complex, made by Zinpro, the first company to produce metal amino acid complexes through their patented Amino Acid Extraction Process, which breaks down a pure protein source into a free amino acid. The free amino acids then complex/bond to trace minerals such as zinc, copper, cobalt, and manganese, and make them more available and digestible. Zinpro is proven by research to be one of the world’s leaders in chelates.  In all OLS Products.

Featured Livestock Producers

Formulations - These formulations, of course, vary nutritionally according to what is actually needed to compliment the forage available in each area. They contain different percentages of all natural, easily digestible plant proteins products (location is FCI Certified), vitamins A, B, D, E. Some formulations contain chelates, Zinc Methionine and Amaferm. These ingredients all work hand-in-hand to create healthier, more vigorous, better-looking, faster growing and more reproductive livestock. Cattle formulations are predominantly produced, but formulations for horses, sheep, goats, elk, deer, bison & bear have also been produced. In addition, several sizes are made available: 40, 50, 60, 70, 100, 125, 200 and 250 pound. Many choices of containers are also offered including; returnable, stackable, non-returnable plastic containers, recyclable pans, prefabricated buckets, fiber boxes, HDPE barrels etc.

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OLS Tubs - Orwig's Livestock Feed Supplements